SCVLPTVRE  Quebec’s biggest sculpture Exhibition

It was in October 2014 that took place the first edition of the Symposium of sculpture, SCVLPTVRE, at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal. Noticing that there were no grand exhibition of sculpture in the province of Quebec, Emmanuel Descoutiéras, owner of the Fonderie d’art d’Inverness and art passionate, had the enthusiasm and the determination to create this big event.

Becoming a meeting for the greatest creators from Quebec and even from beyond Canada’s borders, the exhibition « Scvlptvre », is the biggest event in sculpture’s circles ever presented in Quebec. Gathering no less than 130 kiosks, it’s a major event for discovering and finding unique pieces of art. They have been created from different material like: bronze, clay, ceramic, glass, plaster, stone and wood, all sculpture themes are welcome as well.  



Emmanuel Descoutiéras wishes that the art of sculpture becomes accessible for all and not only for a privileged elite. Presented by all sculptors and aiming for people of all ages, this exhibition’s goal is to demystify sculpture and to this end, it is now possible to see sculptors working directly there. People will then be able to familiarize with different processes used for each medium.   We wish to make people aware and help them understand: see with the eyes, but feel with the heart.  This tribute to Quebec’s talent will remind visitors of the beauty, the nobility and the richness of the 2nd art.

Without any monetary gain, all profits made in 2019 will go to: Artistes pour la Paix



This major cultural event is realised with the collaboration of many great partners. For the first edition, Scvlpture had renowned spokespeople including the designer Jean-Claude Poitras, the sculptor Armand Vaillancourt and the guest of honor sculptor of the exhibition, Hélène Labrie.

Without forgetting our generous donators.



This is an invitation for all people for a grand activity: to take a walk in an exhibition gallery and being at the same time in a sculptor’s workshop and a store to give, or to offer oneself, a gift.

Two prizes will be given at the event:

-For the winning sculptor of The Public Prize: a $2000 credit from the Fonderie d’Art d’Inverness.

-For the public: An original sculpture :

(Among the public who have voted)