Spécial guest:


André Fournelle

Outside the framework  of art teaching, André Fournelle had  his apprenticeship  reading, doing research and experimenting widely.

He started exhibiting his sculptures in 1963. Working in a Montreal industrial foundry triggered his interest in melting metal which became the basis of several of his works. In 1967 he established an experimental foundry in Pierrefonds, working with Pierre Leblanc and Armand Vaillancourt. A year later he undertook, in the company of Marcelle Ferron, a study trip in Europe, looking for new ways to blend glass and metal.

 André Fournelle has followed a path whose  common thread is light: the glow of fire, of neon, fibre optics and  molten metal. 

He uses these materials to sculpt light, arranging it in nature and integrating it with  architecture.

Pursuing ever changing  research, he  works with other materials such as metal (bronze, steel), granite, pigments, glass and charcoal. In recent years, he emphasizes charcoal, the principal  material for his work.

He creates signs and symbolic acts. His artworks speak of uprooting and the fleeting  passing of time. From these  gush poetry and a mystical and geopoetic strength .   He  enters  public space and nature  in alluding  to the four elements: air, earth, fire and water.


Sculpteur invité d'honneur:


Denis Douville


It is with great pleasure that I agreed to be the guest artist of this beautiful event SCULPTURE IV.

We are privileged to enjoy such great moments thanks to la Fonderie d’Art d’Inverness.


Thank you Emmanuel and  all the fine team that is the Fonderie d’Art family.

Without you the artists  would not be here to live these three great days

I wish you all a successful event.


Seating plan

New : Exhibition of assembly sculptures  (robots, life-size animals) with « seek and find » games for children from 4 to 99 years with the artist Étienne Cyr.



André Derouin -03- Édith Cantin -27- Jacques Rancourt -66- Mustapha Chadid -23-
Andrée Marcoux -37- Egidio Vincelli -40- Jean Desmarteau -49- Ozgen Eryasa -02-
Anna Rita Torelli -5- Etienne Cyr -11-12- Jean-h Guilmette -07- Patrick Leduc -57-
Anne Renard -58- Firmin Falardeau -21- Jean-Pierre Busque -20- Paul Tougas -36-
Carole Hébert -72- Francine Lestage -73- Joseline Laramée -26- Philippe Chevalier -70-
Charles Nadeau -38- Galerie Simon Roy -44- Lucie Nadeau -42- Pierre Pouliot -78-
Christine Gagné -13- Germain Desbiens -25- Manon Gauthier -67- Sébastien Douville -28-
Daniel Laramée -71- Hélène Coulombe -22- Mario Carrier -52- Solange Lefebvre -53-
Denis Douville -29- Hélène Labrie -51- Marjolaine Fagnan -09- Sylvain Goulet -24-
Denis Jacques -65- Jacline Bussières -63- Mathieu leblanc -36- Usimm -33-34-35-
Diane Maisonneuve -04- Jacques Brochu -08- Mélanie Arcand -19- Valérie Langlais -70-
Doris Bouffard -03- Jacques Lemieux -06- Michel Coveney -50- Vincent Champion -43-
Édith Béland -42- Jacques Malo -41- Michel Dufresne -14- Yvonne Barreau-Fein -18-